We are building the future of trading.

forex2crypto was established by a group of highly experienced professionals with a clear vision for a new and different client experience in the trading world.

forex2crypto is a privately held financial service firm dedicated to the individual trading and investment needs of its clients, based in the UK that allows trading on the financial markets through the use of digital currency.

Digital currency trading allows a global, low cost, fast, and private trading experience.

Through a sophisticated blend of engineering, we empower thousands of marketers to access markets around the world through the use of digital currency entirely outside the traditional financial system with our award winning platform.

Our management team has extensive experience in the industry and understands what beginners and experienced traders need to trade effectively.

Our goal & commitment is to provide customers with excellent trading experience to offer the most optimal service with updates and enhancements while taking care of clients needs and simplifying the trading process.Straightforward transactions, outstanding customer support, and a fast deposit and withdrawal system are all part of the forex2crypto’s commitment to excellence.

We too are traders,our platform was designed for traders by traders.We are open to any suggestions,just let us know via email : support@forex2crypto.com


Australian company number : 120619141



Samoa company number : 63912